​The Cat & The Comedian is the true story of a man who saved a cat, and a cat who saved a man. It's a love story, memoir, and self help book all wrapped up in one that takes the reader on a one kind journey like they've never experienced. As Tyler pursues a career in show biz as comedian, he battles his ego, alcoholism, depression, and a libido that just won't quit. Making matters worse, his cat, Erica becomes increasingly jealous of the women Tyler dates, and begins a war at home as a result.  

The true story of how Tyler Feneck went from fat, broke, and depressed, to healthy, happy, and wealthy, No More Mr. Vice guy is a must read for anyone that has ever been addicted to anything.  A humorous  and uplifting memoir that's also packed with beneficial tips and useful suggestions, the book has the unique ability to change the life of the reader by helping them to potentially overcome destructive vices and addictions in their own lives as well.